Some of our Guests

For a complete listing (update Oct. 2011), see here
Ken Lane, Boston University, is a very regular visitor. He is with us every summer. In 2010 we celebrated his J.J. Sakurai Prize
K. Sridhar, Tata Institute Mumbai, India
Elzbieta Richter-Was, Krakow, Poland
Kyle Cranmer, NYU, USA
Tim Tait, at Nothwestern, USA when he visited in 2007
Bogdan Dobrescu, Fermilab, USA
Junji Tojo, KEK, Japan
Monika Wielers, Rutherford Lab, UK
Michael Rijssenbeek , Stony Brook, USA
Andrjez Czarnecki, Univ. of  Alberta, Canada
Michel Lefebvre, Univ. of Victoria, Canada'