The meeting agenda is based on the Agenda Maker tool. In order to simplify the logistic it would be preferable to have the talks available from this site before the sessions.

Instructions to upload your talk in Agenda Maker

- Go on the main agenda page:

- Put the mouse over the "Modify" tab at the top of the page
- Enter the modification key which should be asked personnally to Dominique Duchesneau (

 This will open a new web page

  1. - Click on your talk
  2. - Put the mouse over "Attach files"
  3. - Click on "File upload"
  4. - Enter the file path name using the "Browse button"
  5. - Select the "Type of material" (usually: "Transparencies")
  6. - Click on "Send File"
  7. - Click on "Back to Agenda"
  8. - Finally click on the cross marked "close window" at the top right or at the bottom right in order to end the update session.

You're done!

- You can upload several files in one single operation
- If you upload a PowerPoint file, it will be automatically converted to pdf and both versions will be linked to the agenda.

If you need further assistance to upload your talk, don't hesitate to contact one of the local organizers at
Dominique Duchesneau