LAPP-LAPTH, the venue of the conference, is situated in Annecy-le-Vieux, a quiet and picturesque suburb about 4 km from the city centre of Annecy. We expect most participants to be staying in hotels in the city centre of Annecy, although there are a couple of hotels in Annecy-le-Vieux (see the list of hotels below).

Please reserve your hotel room well in advance. Annecy is a very popular destination and the conference is at the start of the holiday season.
We have reserved 35 rooms at the
Nouvel Hotel, When booking please indicate LAPP, Tools for SUSY to take advantage of the special conference rate of 48 euros (including breakfast).

Conference Bus

    On June 26th, a conference bus will be leave CERN at 8.00 am for the Conference.  The bus will leave from the main gate, 

    Main Entrance B. Click to view

    We will arrange for a bus to CERN on  June 28th, at the end of the meeting

    It is important that you indicate whether you will take the bus, from and to CERN,  when you register

Access from Annecy

By bus from the city centre of Annecy

The most convenient means of transport from the city centre, where the Railway station is situated,  is by bus.  The map of the city centre of Annecy indicates the location of some of the  hotels that we recommend in our hotel list below and the nearest bus stops. To reach LAPP-LAPTH, you should take bus number 4  (direction "Campus") and get off at the very last  stop (Campus). You will notice a roundabout with a LEP accelerating cavity. The building facing you is LAPP. The entrance to the building is clearly marked.  The bus journey from the centre takes about  20 mn and buses are rather  frequent (10-15mins) Please check the N°4 bus timetable here. 

On foot or bus if staying in Annecy-le-Vieux

Those of you who will be staying in Annecy-le-Vieux will find it most pleasant to walk to LAPP-LAPTH. There is a magnificient view on the lake on top of the hill. You may still want to catch one of the buses that stops on the way from Annecy city centre to LAPP-LAPTH.
Here is a map of Annecy-le-Vieux 

Sibra: The Annecy Bus Network    The No 4 bus line is the orange line on the map. A one-way bus ticket costs 1 euro, independently of the length of the journey.



We do not recommend taking a taxi from the city centre. Approximate fare is about 12 euro to reach LAPP from the town centre.  Annecy Taxi website

Access from Geneva

By bus from Geneva to the city centre of Annecy
If you are not taking the conference bus from CERN and are not driving from Geneva, the easiest way to reach Annecy from Geneva is by bus. Please avoid taking the train. There is some train connection, but it is a complicated  journey that  takes forever.  The Annecy-Geneva bus leaves from the main bus terminal in Geneva  (see Web site). The terminal is a few minutes from the Geneva train station and not far from the main post-office (see  map of  Geneva). Get off at the last stop in Annecy which is at the  train station. (See Annecy map : Gare SNCF)

The Geneva bus station website is here.

Here is the Geneva-Annecy and Annecy-Geneva bus timetable.

By car to LAPP

It is a good idea to print a map before you take the car. You can print this map (300 k)

From the autoroute Lyon-Chambéry-Annecy-Genève, exit at sortie Annecy Nord and follow the sign  Annecy le Vieux/Thônes. After having crossed Annecy-le-Vieux in the direction of  Thones, you will see on your left zone d'activité des Glaisins. At some point you will see, on your right, chemin de Bellevue with a sign indicating LAPP.  LAPP is off this street, on your right when you reach the roundabout. If you get lost, somewhere after exiting the motorway, look for signs  Annecy le Vieux and in particular signs indicating the University : Domaine Universitaire (IUT).  You will then be near LAPP.

By car from CERN

Going from CERN to LAPP

 Drive from CERN towards Geneva on "route de Meyrin".  Past the airport and the supermarket  Jumbo soon after, turn RIGHT onto the motorway to "FRANCE", La Praille .

 Take the motorway all the way to customs and go through customs; continue on the motorway for one km or so;  turn right towards the exit to "ANNECY" written in GREEN. Stay on the right line along the motorway which leads to  exit 13 (sortie 13). At the exit of the motorway, at the large  roundabout,  go left towards Annecy, Cruseilles.... (In France the colour code is opposite to the one in Switzerland:motorways are indicated in blue, normal roads in green.)

 Follow the main road to Annecy  going through Le Chable, Jussy, Cruseilles, Allonzier la Caille.  At some point you will see a sign for a motorway to Annecy, DO NOT TAKE THE MOTORWAY.

When entering the town of PRINGY, the road does a large left turn; just at the exit of the curve, turn LEFT, UNDER THE railway BRIDGE toward "ARGONAY". Follow the road that goes through 3 roundabouts 30 meter after the third one, follow the road slightly on the right toward : Annecy,A41,Geneve. This road goes down. At the bottom of this narrow road, go left and then 3/4 round the roundabout and take the fast road towards Thones, Les Aravis, Parc des GLAISINS.

 Follow this fast road to its end. At the exit, take the first road on the right at the roundabout.

Go round 2/3 of the next roundabout and take the road signed to LAPP. LAPP is just on the right of the LEP accelerating cavity.

Going from LAPP to CERN
 At exit of LAPP, go round the roundabout to go up the Chemin de Bellevue. You will reach another (large)   roundabout; go 1/3 round it and follow  "Toutes directions" signed in green.

 At the next roundabout, go round 3/4 and take the fast road towards "ANNECY"; follow this road to its end which comes onto a roundabout; take the first road on the right towards "ARGONAY".

 Go up a narrow road to a "stop" or "triangle" , turn left. Go through three roundabouts and then under the railway bridge.

 Turn right towards GENEVE and then follow the main road going through Allonzier, Cruseilles, Jussy, Le Chable.

About one km after the MACUMBA, turn right onto the A41 motorway. Follow direction to AIRPORT, LAUSANNE (as soon as on the motorway, go onto the left line and stay on it until the customs). Go through customs and continue on  the Swiss mortorway.  

 Go through 3 tunnels and exit right after the third one to MEYRIN; on the exit line, go on the left to exit labeled "MEYRIN"; Join back the Meyrin road on the left, straight to CERN.

Travelling by train

Unless you are coming from Geneva, Annecy is easily reached by train. You can plan your journey, book and buy your ticket online, see the SNCF website.

The train station is centrally situated in Annecy. From the centre take a bus to LAPP, see here (SIBRA)

Travelling by air 

The nearest airports are:

  • 50km away from Annecy (50 mn drive + possible traffic delay):  Geneve-Cointrin (GVA) Genève-Cointrin

  • 125km (75 mn drive) away from Annecy: Lyon-Saint Exupery (LYS) Lyon-Saint-Exupéry  

  •  From Geneva Airport:
    To reach CERN, to take the conference bus, take either a taxi or a bus from the airport.
    From the airport you can take either bus No 18 or 28, change in Blandonnet to take bus N° 9 to CERN (last stop)

    If you are not going through CERN, take the bus N° 10 or better the train. Both arrive at the Geneva main train station. The bus terminal, from which you can catch a bus to Annecy is within walking distance.
    From Lyon Satolas

    Bus Lyon Airport – Annecy (but no so frequent)

    The easiest way to come to Annecy from Lyon Airport is to take a direct bus.

    Unfortunately, there are not so many buses.

    Fare (approx.):
    Adults (one way ticket) : 30 EUR
    Adults (round trip ticket) : 45 EUR

    Moreover you should book your seat :
    Voyage Crolard : phone 33 (0)4 50 51 08 51
    or on the web site

    Shuttle Lyon Airport – Lyon downtown + train to Annecy

    If you cannot take a direct bus  from Lyon airport, the second easiest way to reach Annecy is to take a shuttle Lyon-aiport —> Lyon downtown and then take a train at the Part-Dieu railway station.

    Information on shuttle timetable and fares can be found on the SATOBUS web site.

    Taxi to Annecy

    This is an expensive option (80 euros+), depending on how many people are sharing. Please let us know in advance  if you will be take a taxi. The secretariat will reserve one for you.

    HOTELS Annecy

    37, rue Vaugelas 74000 Annecy (Map)
    Tel : +33 4 50 45 05 78
    single with breakfast 48 €
    rue Sommeiller 74000 Annecy24
    Tel: +33 4 50 45 08 78, fax : 04 50 51 22 04
    43€ single, 45 € double, breakfast 6,5 E
    1 avenue Berthollet 74000 Annecy (Map)
    Tel : +33 4 50 33 54 54
    Hotel ATRIA web site
    single 85 € - double 93 € - breakfast 12 € - parking 8 €
    5, rue de Glières 74000 Annecy
    Tel: 04 50 10 09 09, fax : 04 50 10 09 60
    79,5 € single with breakfast, 97 € double, 11 € breakfast, 6 € parking
    19, avenue du Rhône 74000 Annecy (Map)
    Tel: +33 4 50 52 35 35
    single with breakfast 85 €
    1,place de la Mandallaz 74000 annecy (Map)
    Tel : +33 4 50 45 51 74 Annecy
    single 50 € - double 55 € - breakfast 7 €
    5, rue de Bonlieu 74000 ANNECY
    Tel : 04 50 45 17 16 fax : 04 50 45 11 48
    58 € single 70 € double 10 € breakfastr
    27, rue Sommeiller 74000 Annecy
    Tel : 04 50 52 14 14 fax : 04 50 63 26 19
    115 € single 131 € double 14 € petit déjeuner 12 € garage

    Other hotels

    at Annecy county

    L'ARC EN CIEL **
    26 rue de l'arc en ciel 74940 Annecy-le-vieux
    Tel : +33 4 50 23 08 86 Fax : +33 4 50 23 13 35
    20 rue du capitaine Baud Annecy-le-vieux
    Tel: +33 4 50 23 51 47 Fax : +33 4 50 23 24 59

    Hotels-restaurants de luxe

    La maison de Marc Veyrat
    16 vieille route des Pensières 74290 Veyrier du Lac
    Tel : +33 4 50 60 24 00 Fax : +33 4 50 60 23 63
    Talloire 74
    Tel +33 4 50 60 72 01 Fax : +33 4 50 60 73 05

    Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de Physique des Particules
    9 Chemin de Bellevue - BP 110 74941 Annecy-le-Vieux CEDEX - FRANCE
    Tel : (33) (0) 4 50 09 16 00 -- Fax : (33) (0) 4 50 27 94 95